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Everyday tasks in hospitality made easy!

Cash Up

You're end of day time saver. Cash up with ease while tracking your sales, credit card revenue, petty cash receipts and more!

Cash Up

End of Day Time saver, Your cash up made easy track sales, credit cards revenue, petty cash receipts.

Employee Up

Employee Onboarding, Automated and Effortless!
Automate your contracts and employee handbook.

Employee Up

Order Up

Minimize your stock levels and take control of your stock area again. Get your stock levels under control.

Order Up

Mastering Efficiency, Minimizing Stock - The Ultimate Duo. Ordering made easy & Stock levels under control.

Report Up

View all your bookkeeping and stocktaking reports in-app! Easily access the information you want, when you need it!

Report Up

Reports at your fingertips; Where management meets clarity. View your bookkeeping and stocktaking reports in-app!

What our client says:

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Marc Bereen - Row Wines

It’s really making my life easier. Especially as we have multiple units. Getting info instantly meetings has become so easy and conversations are now about accurate figures. Synergy Up saves time.

Julie Ryan - Yamamori Dublin

"The app's feature is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for us to process payroll for our employees accurately and on time, Additionally, the cash-up feature of the app has simplified the way we can quickly reconcile cash and card transactions, account for any discrepancies, and generate detailed cash-up reports, providing us with valuable insights into our daily financial performance."